10th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress
NPC10 Tartu Estonia, 11-14 October 2010
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Photosynthesis has been put back on the agenda due to its importance in primary productivity and thereby importance for production of food, feed and biomass for energy. The field of the 10th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress spans from the basic properties of the photosynthetic apparatus to the applied aspects within crop yield and bioenergy as follows.

* General control of photosynthesis: Light harvesting, water splitting, electron transport and ATP synthesis, carbon/nitrogen reduction;

with emphasis on:
* Reaction centres: structure and function
* Biogenesis, assembly and turnover of the photosynthetic apparatus
* Stress factors: signaling, acclimation, reactive oxygen species
* Solar fuel: biomass for bioethanol, hydrogen and artificial photosynthesis
* Emerging methods in photosynthesis research

Thus, while the conference has a strong focus on basic aspects of photosynthesis it also has many applied aspects.

The highlights of the 10th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress will be provided by invited speakers selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Jim Barber, Professor, group leader, Wolfson Laboratories, Division of Molecular Biosciences at Imperial College London, SW7 2AZ, UK. j.barber@imperial.ac.uk : Photosystem II structure: Successes and Challenges.

Roberto Bassi, Professor, Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Universita di Verona, strada Le Grazie, 15 - 37134 Verona, Italy. roberto.bassi@univr.it : Biosynthesis and function of carotenoids in plants.

Holger Dau, Professor, FB Physik, Freie University Berlin, Arnimallee 14, D-14195 Berlin, Germany. holger.dau@fu-berlin.de : Efficiency, energetics and thermodynamic limits of photosynthetic water oxidation.

Giovanni Finazzi, Group leader, Institut de Recherches en Technologies et Sciences pour le Vivant (iRTSV), CEA Grenoble, UMR 5168 CNRS, France. Giovanni.Finazzi@ibpc.fr : Acclimation of electron flow as a response to environmental changes.

David Kramer, Professor, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University, Pullman, WA. dkramer@wsu.edu : Balancing Photosynthesis.

Oliver Lenz, senior research scientist, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, D-10099 Berlin, Germany. oliver.lenz@rz.hu-berlin.de : Towards photosynthesis-driven H2 production using O2-tolerant [NiFe]-hydrogenases.

Jean-David Rochaix, senior scientist, Départements de biologie moléculaire et de biologie végétale Université de Geneve, 30 quai Ernest-Ansermet CH-1211 Geneve 4, Switzerland. Jean-David.Rochaix@unige.ch : Title to be announced.

Alexander Ruban, Professor, group leader, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, UK. a.ruban@qmul.ac.uk : Light harvesting in plants: principles and environmental trends.

Alfred William Rutherford, Professor, group leader Institute de Biologie et de Technologies de Saclay, Life Sciencea Division, CEA France. alfred.rutherford@cea.fr : Title to be announced.

The rest of the about 20 speakers for the final program will be selected form the submitted abstracts. The final program is expected to be available in August/September 2010. The Conference does not ditribute printed circulars. All information will be available on our website.